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Books Overview

Here you will find additional information about my books.

Short stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories, featuring tales that complement my published works as well as standalone pieces that showcase unique and engaging narratives. Dive into this treasure trove of fiction and discover new stories to captivate your imagination.


Poem Library

A list of many of my poems. I will add more over time.


A list of longer poems that tell a specific story.

Galvenir Modern

Galvenir Modern

Galvenir Modern

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More than 90 different products can be printed with more than 500 designs.

Unique and new Designs

Every single image I create follows a specific vision that I want to come alive. I have many more ideas and will add many more designs in the future.

A story to tell

Besides my designs presented on this page I have also written a few books that will find a place on this website for you to browse through.

I will be adding shortstories, poems and excerpts from my books in the future.

Always designed for You

More than 500 designs are already created for you to choose from and many more will follow. I will make and add designs based on interests, trends but most importantly feedback from you, so do not hesitate to tell me what you want to see in the future.

Visions of a Dream

I have been creating artworks and scenes for the books I am writing since my 17th Birthday and I am still amazed by the advances of modern technology and the possibilities that allow me to more simply create my artistic output.

As I am using various different modes of artificial intelligence and photoediting software I am able to more closely create characters and scenes from my books or from worlds that I have created in my head over the years.

Your own Vision

Creating art has always been my passion and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and your ideas. Every image that I create follows a distinct vision that I want to share with the world and specifically with you! If you in turn have ideas how I could possibly improve my art or if you would like to see other topics, themes or characters do not hesitate to write me.

Send me your Ideas and your Feedback

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