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Books Overview

Here you will find additional information about my books.

Short stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories, featuring tales that complement my published works as well as standalone pieces that showcase unique and engaging narratives. Dive into this treasure trove of fiction and discover new stories to captivate your imagination.


Poem Library

A list of many of my poems. I will add more over time.


A list of longer poems that tell a specific story.

Galvenir Modern

Galvenir Modern

Galvenir Modern


Hi, I am Maximilian Warden!

Hi, I am Maximilian Warden!

I have been writing books since my 17th birthday, and while it wasn’t ever easy to reach people or create art for my books, short stories or poems, I always tried to cope with the tools I had. Over time many of these tools have improved, and I am happy that it is now easier than ever to create many different artworks for my works.

As most of these ideas and designs look great on a t-shirt or as a framed picture, I figured it was time to create this site. I hope that you enjoy my works and that they inspire you.