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Galvenir Poems A better man

ACT I - It is to know


It was one day when I awoke, I found the world had changed,

All the people I once knew, their mind it was deranged.

They told me that the time had come, the future it was here,

And everything that once was grand, had fallen into fear.


They told me those who once were strong are nothing more but weak,

Inventions of the newest kind they happen every week.

And now the blind can finally see, the deaf can none but hear,

For every single moment now, they all talk just of fear.


This fear it takes their minds and bodies, it takes all that they were,

And even though they were so smart, invention knows to lure.

So, now they try to improvise, now they want to fight it,

The final scroll out in the world, their fury shall ignite it!


But wisdom cannot be destroyed, knowledge is eternal,

For truth is always absolute, there is no way to burn it.

And thus, they want to be a part of all that now is good,

Biting into their own flesh and shooting their own foot.


As if we could turn back the time, to greens that were much greener,

And wash away the grime of truth, as if it makes us cleaner.

A lie that we have told ourselves is true as it could be,

And all these people who were smart, none of them can see.

ACT II - It is to feel

The world it seems to turn again, everything was lost,

People tell their epic stories; they tell us what it cost.

And even when we lose our minds, and our eye’s deceived,

This pain that stings deep in our heart, it cannot be relieved.

We feel how all that once was true has turned to be illusion,

And every word and every song has turned into confusion.

We try to understand the world by watching and by talking,

But none of us can find the terms, not Einstein, Planck or Hawking.

But is it thus a foolish errand? Is it thus a fad?

What is it that can keep us wake while we lie in our bed?

I wonder what the world will be when time has changed it further,

And if our brains will still be live, or maybe just a cursor.

Reality is truly bliss when we can just accept it,

But our endless mongering of fear has been perfected.

For all the trust we always had is feeble as our mind,

And brittle hearts are bickering, never are they kind.

Collectively a mind is strong, but bound it’s by communion,

And there we find the thinnest line between fallacy and union.

The concept of reality has been a fleeting mask,

To shatter it forevermore is not an easy task.

ACT III - It is to be

An illness takes the body whole, it weakens and destroys it,

  What can we do to interfere? Do we have a choice yet?

Is it wrong to seek for solace in arms of coldest metal?

Or are we still too weak to fight this ever-going battle?

Is it wrong to wish for more, to want eternal life?

To nevermore be weak or old, forevermore to thrive.

Soon it is reality, soon we are no more,

Soon there is tranquillity, but rotten is its core.

Humanity has been a word, a choice, a want, a concept,

But nothing has it been at first, nothing at the onset.

We all have made it what it its, we all have shaped its form,

And from the scraps of time and space, we’ve made it our norm.

Yet, we see humanity as more than flesh and bone,

We call it still the quintessence, we call it our home.

And broken from reality, a concept that we’ve lost,

We can find humanity has been the final cost.

So soon there will be nothing left, soon we will move on,

And even though it may seem sad, it’s neither right nor wrong.

We may not like the world we see, we may stand up to fight it,

But if it burns? Who is to say, maybe it’s delighted.