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Short stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories, featuring tales that complement my published works as well as standalone pieces that showcase unique and engaging narratives. Dive into this treasure trove of fiction and discover new stories to captivate your imagination.


Poem Library

A list of many of my poems. I will add more over time.


A list of longer poems that tell a specific story.

The Soul

Galvenir Poems The Soul ACT I: LuckWhat is a soul of anything? It cannot be defined, And yet, it seems to be a thing that cannot be denied. So long have humans now believed that souls may well exist, A fitting end to every story, the most perfected twist.   Still,...

A better Man

Galvenir Poems A better man ACT I - It is to know  It was one day when I awoke, I found the world had changed, All the people I once knew, their mind it was deranged. They told me that the time had come, the future it was here, And everything that once was grand,...

The Soldier

Galvenir Poems The Soldier There was a time of constant war,A time of raging flame,The world was struck deep in its core,To turn to whence it came. ACT I: The Glade   I remember how it was,To sit and never listen,Never knowing what’s the cost,Of treasures that...