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Galvenir Poems Competition

The human will is never bound and it is never broken,

But there is a guiding hand, yes, it has awoken.

They called it once a betterment a way of competition,

 And for some it truly was, for them it was their mission.


We honed our skills of trade and tricks, we tried to be much better,

But in the end, we botched the mix, and all of it came bitter.

Now we look at soulless eyes telling us of beauty,

Buying every blatant lie as if it was our duty.


And then we see these golden lights brightening the venue,

Yes, all we do is cherish it, staring at the menu.

“What can I do to stop this mess? I’m but a single person!

Please trust me that I don’t enjoy these things I’ve been rehearsing!”


Maybe it is now too late, maybe it is done,

But everyone is seeing it, I’m not the only one.

A system that is only here to torture and enslave,

Will only ream this giant hole that turned into a grave.


And while we smile and think about this foolish competition,

We cannot help to hear the voice to which we’ll never listen,

This bickering morality that’s stuffed into our soul,

“Do not bother me right now, there comes another goal!”