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Galvenir Poems The End of Time

I feel it in my feeble hand, the clock is surely ticking,

And no matter what I want, the future’s not my picking.

Slowly now I understand how cruel this world can be,

It took so long for me to stand, too blind and deaf to see.

So easy can you look away from pain that is not yours,

So easy can you run away, as fate will run its course.

Everything will follow paths, everything is even,

And everyone be king or pawn will surely once be leaving.

Yet, I wager some will stay, something will be left,

It will be more than soul or body, be more and still bereft.

We would call it an idea, a whispering of wisdom,

A tale so old that none could hear, no one’s there to listen.

And still the tale will never fade, as fate has once decided,

Humanity can rage and burn, but it can never fight it.

This mirror of the human soul will shine at ends of time,

And even though it has no name it will stay as sine.