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Galvenir Poems Inner Demon

Heavy weighs the morning light, as shadows barely fade,

My head is weary and in pain, as always as of late.

Maybe I have given up, maybe I am tired,

Gone is every single dream, all the things admired.


When I close these broken eyes I still can see the sun,

It burns my inner demon’s heart, from whom I cannot run.

His devlish claws they burn my flesh, they scrape away my bone,

And when they’re done I will not falter, but I will be alone.


Not a single tear is left, my body it is empty,

I feel like it is just a duty, like I’m standing sentry.

Everyday it is the same, all that’s left is pain,

Empty has my soul become, as empty as my brain.


And yet I stand and look around, I open up these eyes,

I fight the pain and carry on, I wash away these lies.

For all these demons in my heart, for all the pain I feel,

I know that every wound can fade, that every scar can heal.


And once I will stand here again, within the sun’s bright light,

My eyes I’ll close and feel the peace, like an eternal night.

A darkness that can wash away the memories of past,

And all that’s there be here and now, day on until the last.