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Galvenir Poems Jitterbug Heart

The world it is a stressful place, time is always running,
We try our best to just keep pace, we aim and then start gunning.
Ambitions conquer feeble minds, anxiety destroys them,
And there may be even times, where cruelty consumes them.

And all the while I stay and listen, hark to every word,
But all I hear is awkward hissing, all of it I heard.
Ancient are the human’s hearts, made of flesh and blood,
Brains and muscles, ends and starts, more we never got.

The sun it shines so far away, a light so fast and clear,
But all I ever do is stay; I never leave from here.
I want to run, escape this place, never to return,
Follow fast this sinking sun, until my heart would burn.

And I feel it in my chest, just like a jitterbug,
My heart it jumps and screams and pounds, I feel this surging luck.
I feel like I can be alive, this strength that I can muster.
But everyone calls it a vice, a dream of foolish lustre.

Yet I smile with every second, when I see the sun,
Yet I run and feel it beckon, yet I’m all but gone.
This place I dread I leave behind, my memories it torments,
All these years I have been blind, fooled by all these moments.

Now I take it, all of it, and nothing I give back,
And I think I will admit, yeah man, what the heck!
If you feel your jumping heart, deep down in your chest,
Embrace this inner jitterbug and screw the very rest!