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Short stories

Welcome to my collection of short stories, featuring tales that complement my published works as well as standalone pieces that showcase unique and engaging narratives. Dive into this treasure trove of fiction and discover new stories to captivate your imagination.


Poem Library

A list of many of my poems. I will add more over time.


A list of longer poems that tell a specific story.

The End of Time

Galvenir Poems The End of Time I feel it in my feeble hand, the clock is surely ticking, And no matter what I want, the future’s not my picking. Slowly now I understand how cruel this world can be, It took so long for me to stand, too blind and deaf to see. So...

Jitterbug Heart

Galvenir Poems Jitterbug Heart The world it is a stressful place, time is always running,We try our best to just keep pace, we aim and then start gunning.Ambitions conquer feeble minds, anxiety destroys them,And there may be even times, where cruelty consumes them....